2021 Board of Directors Vacancies

Below are the current vacancies on the 2021 NYSCEEA Board of Directors.
Nominations for these positions will be accepted on a rolling basis until filled. 
If you would like to nominate yourself or someone you know for a vacant Board position, 
please submit your Nomination Form

Vice President (1-year term)

The Vice President holds an important role in the leadership of NYSCEEA and the Board of Directors.  This position serves as the second-in-charge and fills in for the President when absent.  The Vice President takes a lead role in coordinating the annual Conference and other member events throughout the year.  The Vice President will also serve as the liaison between NYSCEEA and other relevant, New York-based professional associations. The Vice President assumes the role of President in the year succeeding their term as Vice President, unless they need to roll off the Board. Candidates for Vice President must be existing NYSCEEA members.

Treasurer (2-year term)

The Treasurer is responsible for all financial records and transactions of NYSCEEA and the Board of Directors. The Treasurer is the point of contact with financial institutions, maintains financial records, makes financial reports to the Board, and answers financial questions. The Treasurer receives payments, makes purchases, approves expenses, and processes reimbursements. The Treasurer is an appropriate role for new or existing members*. 

*Current non-members may be nominated for this position, but if elected they will need to join NYSCEEA prior to beginning their Board work.

NYSCEEA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Contact: nysceea@gmail.com
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